A minimum of 80% of total number of working days in an academic year is compulsory for a student for consideration of promotion. Unauthorized absence for a period of 15 days will resultin the removal of the pupil’s name from the rolls.

The following Evaluations, Tests,and Examinations will be held in an academic year.
Evaluation of skills in all subjects.
Unit Tests-8
Formative Assessment 4
Summative Assessment 2 (Ist – 8th)
Please note that promotion of students to the higher standards is based on the total performance in various tests and Examinations taken as whole. It is therefore very essential that students appear in all examinations. No retests will be conducted.

UNIT TEST (After completion of each Chapter)
Periodic assessment- 4 (I-VIII)
Periodic assessment- 3 (IX & X)
Summative assessment 2 (I – VIII)
Yearly Examination (IX & X)