Founded in 2002 by Ambadi Balakrishnan , Sri Sai Vidyabhavan is the first and major project of Babasai Educational Trust , P.Vemballur. The inauguration of the school building was done by Hon.Justice, Sri Thottathil Radhakrishnan, High court of Kerala on October 12th 2005. This Educational movement aims to impart a value based education to the growing generation of our society. We believe that education should inculcate four important things of life.

First is self-Reliance
Second is self-Confidence
Third is self-Sacrifice
Fourth is self-Realization.

1. Children’s minds are innocent and pure. Each child is a white marble for the teacher and the parents to mould into
an image of God, a bud to be helped to blossom in all its Divine glory so that it becomes a worthy offering
to God.

2. From the most impressionable years the children should be taught to cultivate love for all. Love leads to unity.
Unity promotes purity. Purity leads to Divinity.

3. The first requisite for children is to have love and regard for parents to whom they owe everything.

4. Children must grow up in the atmosphere of reverence, devotion, mutual service and co- operation.

Students are the very foundation of the nation. When the foundation is strong, the building can be stable. To make the
foundation strong; people, rulers, parents, teachers, and students- all have to co-ordinate their plans and efforts. These
five elements, these five vital forces, have to work together towards this end.
Thank You.